What Neil Pharaoh Stands For

What Neil Pharoah Stands For

“Prahran is a vibrant community, a diverse community, and a respectful community, one in which we celebrate our heritage and background, our differences and our similarities.”

Neil Pharaoh believes passionately in equality for all. It’s at the heart of everything he fights for.

Neil believes in quality education, healthcare and public transport for all of our community. Every child has a right to a quality education and every person should have the medical help they need, when they need it. By investing in local schools and healthcare, we’re investing in healthy communities. Our public transport is an extension of that ideal, ensuring that every person no matter their circumstance can get to where they’re going.

Neil is opposed to any discrimination based on a person’s race, sexuality, ethnicity or gender. He believes every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect both in and out of the workplace.

I want to make further opportunities for our community to meet and engage, and to provide support for the fantastic local groups, associations and businesses in Prahran.”

With housing affordability, employment security and the rising costs of living uppermost concerns in the minds of Victorians today, I want to focus on growing the employment and educational opportunities offered to our residents and families.