About Neil Pharaoh

With Italian heritage on one side of his family and New Zealand and British on the other, Neil grew up in Canberra, going on to complete a Commerce and Law degree at the Australian National University.

A brief visit to Melbourne 14 years ago had him hooked and he has lived here either in Elwood, St Kilda, Windsor or South Yarra ever since.

Neil has extensive experience in the private sector, in particular marketing technology. But his real focus has been working for ‘not-for-profit’ organisations including work for the United Nations panel to fund women’s support programs. Through this work Neil has gained a unique understanding of the importance of education – and in particular TAFE training – and how it improves the quality of people’s lives.

So it’s not surprising Neil was attracted to join the Australian Labor Party with its values of a fair go and equality of opportunity. But what makes him different is that he didn’t just become a member, he became an active campaigner for social change that has made a real difference to people’s lives.

Never one to stand on the sidelines and let others do the work, Neil was the National Convenor for Rainbow Labor for 6 years, championing over 200 policy changes and leading the push for same sex marriage.

Neil has the energy and the commitment to champion policies that will produce better outcomes, not just for Prahran, but also for all Victorians.

‘I’m not standing for Parliament to sit on the backbench and do nothing.  Anyone can make promises – but I want to get things done.’